Flexible Cable

Benefits :

  • Reduces total cost of ownership through reduced cable maintenance and improved system uptime
  • Superior performance for applications requiring motion, including suitability for use in NFPA79 applications
  • Eliminates common failure modes which cause other industry cables to fail, including cable fatigue, torque and cable memory

Features :

  • Flexible conductor, insulation and jacket materials
  • Flex cycle ratings from light to continuous, up to 14 million cycles
  • Ratings, mechanical resistances and chemical resitances to cover all applications for industrial machinery and devices


Type Flexible
Color Black
Packaging As per client requirement

Technical Data

Type Voltage/Resistance Flex Cycles Shielding MachFlex™ Series
Control (AWM) 600V 1 million Unshielded 73000W
Braid 73000WS
14 million Unshielded 77000W
Braid 77000WS
300V & 600V 1 million Unshielded 7400W
Braid 7400WS
10 million Unshielded 7100W
Braid 7100WS
Data 300V 6 million Foil + Spiral 76000WS
Foil + Braid 76000TS
100 - 150 Ohm 1 million Foil + Braid 7200A
(Vision Systems)
75 Ohm 1 million Braid 7500A